10 Minute Morning Workout + Tips

Workout and Go Quick 10 Minute Morning Workout
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Hello Lovelies!!

I hope that you enjoyed your family and friends for the Christmas holiday.   Now that Christmas has passed, you may have indulged a little more than usual and that is quite alright.

My gift to you is a 10 minute morning workout you can do before you start your day.  Try setting your alarm clock to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual.  This gives you a chance to hit the snooze button “ONE TIME” and then 1 minute to get dressed.  Keep your workout gear close by or sleep in it.

Once you complete the workout, begin your normal morning routine.  You should be fully awake once the workout is complete.  Do this workout 3-4 times this week and you will notice a difference in the way you feel throughout the day.   Don’t forget to download and print your free printable workout tracker.  You can thank me later :-).

10 Minute Morning Workout with Tips

Until Next Time,

Dionne R Murphy

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