9 Essentials For Your Home Gym

Home Gym

Hello Lovelies!! Don’t let the word Gym scare you away!  I am not talking about going out and getting a leg press machine, a smith machine/squat rack, etc.  If you are ready to build an awesome home gym, pick up these essentials mentioned in this post on your next Walmart or Target run or even […]

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8 Ways to Burn Fat

8 Ways to Burn Fat Workout and Go

Hello Lovelies! Today, I am discussing something that everyone has and something that almost everyone wants to get rid of.  FAT.  I am giving you 8 ways to burn fat.  In order to reach any of your weight loss or health and fitness goals, you must get rid of fat and build muscle.   Fat stored […]

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Happy New Year, Happy You!!

Dionne R. Murphy

Happy New Year Lovelies!! Today is a new day for you to make your own blueprint for your life.  What do you really want to do? Who do you really want to become?  What do you want? Don’t hold off any longer.  This is the best time for you to go after what it is […]

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