10 Minute Sofa Workout While Dinner is Simmering

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Hello Lovelies!!

Check out this 10 minute sofa workout that you can do while dinner is simmering.  Sometimes we all need a little motivation while doing the routine daily activities we have on our task lists.  Let the dinner simmer while you get in a quick workout.  Being creative will go a long way especially on those days you don’t feel like doing anything.  The kids can join in as well.


If you have carpet or a rug, you won’t need any shoes.  But if you have tile or wooden floors, I would recommend socks with grips on the bottom or a pair of tennis shoes.  Hit play on your favorite playlist and get to moving!

Click the image to see the workout.


Check out other quick workouts here and here.  Mix and match them to create a total body workout.  Let me know if you give it a try!  Also, check out some of the gear I use to give my exercises that extra burn factor.


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Workout and go Dionne R Murphy




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