Building Lovely Legs In February

building lovely legs
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Happy February Lovelies!!

I deem February as the month for building lovely legs just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Do you have a favorite pair of heels that you have been neglecting due to mommy tasks getting first priority?  Well, all month here on the blog and on Instagram, there will be short workouts posted to target those beautiful and lovely legs of yours.  Go ahead and pull out your favorite pair of heels and show off your legs!


It’s always good to do something for yourself.  Keep something in the plan just for yourself.  If that is wearing a beautiful pair of heels, do it.  If that is going to get your first massage within the past 10 months, do it.  If that means eating a big bowl of ice cream after the kids go to sleep, do it.  Now don’t do that one every night. Once a quarter will be okay; hee hee hee :-).


Here is today’s leg workout that you can do before bed.  Repeat only once. ClIck the images for a demonstration of the movements.


30 Body Weight Good Mornings

Good Morning Leg Workout
Photo From




30 Sliders

Hamstring Slide Leg Workout
Photo from Anna Neroznak
Click Here for an explanation of how to perform the sliders properly.


Let me know if you try this!


Until Next Time,


Workout and go Dionne R Murphy

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