Hula Hoop The Fat Away!

Burn Fat With a Hula Hoop

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Hello Lovelies!

Remember when you used to hula hoop?  Well, I have found a gem that I will be incorporating into my workout mix.  I purchased a weighted hula hoop and believe me, it takes some effort to keep it up.


Weighted Hula Hoop

Believe it or not, hula hooping can actually rev up your heart rate as well as help you shed inches from your waist.  It helps you tone and strengthen your core all while improving your coordination and balance at the same time.

The great thing about the hula hoop is that you can do this while watching your favorite show.  You can also hula hoop to the music of your choice.   Try incorporating hula hooping with your children as a fun activity.  They can use the regular hoop  while you use your weighted one.  NO MORE EXCUSES!!  Get ready to burn some calories!  This full body workout is sure to bring on the laughter.

Hula Hoop the Fat Away

Have you tried the weighted/sports hoop?  Click on the photo above to order one of your own.

Until Next Time,

Workout and go Dionne R Murphy

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